Month: June 2011

New Partnership with Catholic Schoolhouse!

The Rolling Acres School

Exciting News! R.A.S. has entered into partnership with Catholic Schoolhouse. Catholic Schoolhouse is a structured, academic co-op that meets weekly to provide homeschooling families various opportunities outside the home, such as chorus, two hours of classroom instruction, science experiments, art projects, and afternoon programs. R.A.S. is currently developing curricular materials for the dialectical and rhetorical years at Catholic Schoolhouse.

Please pray for us as we develop these materials to help Catholic Schoolhouse groups across the country.

R.A.S. Announcements

The Rolling Acres School

posted by Alecia Rolling.

Thank you for your continued interest in our online, one-room school house! We have several announcements to make concerning website progress and course schedules:

1. An Introductory Greek course has been added to the summer course listings: See Summer Courses.

2. The Trivium course has been cancelled, but Logic and Rhetoric will be offered next year in its place.

3. The Fall 2011 schedule has been finalized and posted: See Fall Courses.

4. R.A.S. now has a Course Concepts page up to explain our ideas and methodology behind the courses we offer.

Below is the Rolling Acres School welcome video. May God continue to bless your homeschooling efforts!