5-year-old advances in art and story-telling

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Watercolor Painting by #1, Age 5

#1 is making great progress in art and story-telling, much to my surprise. I would estimate that the kids spend at least one hour per day (some days 2+) at the kitchen table or at the outside, garden table drawing pictures and narrating.

It is so much fun to watch #1 and #2 tell one another stories and paint or draw their stories as they talk. Each one has a very different story to tell, and they are eager to share ideas and even drawing tips.

A Birthday Party by #1, Age 5

To formalize the spontaneous exercise, it has been a good reinforcement to have them retell their accounts to Mama and Papa.

Interesting to note is that their characters are developing new depth as their artistic skills improve. The question would be which came first, character depth or drawing ability? It would seem that the two skills have improved simultaneously as they have been working so diligently on both.

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Drawings of the Week: #1 and #2

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