The Farm

Where is the Rolling Acres Farm?

The Rolling Acres Farm is located in Minnesota. It is a beautiful property of over 100 acres with rolling fields, and it has been owned by the Rolling Family since the beginning of the 1900’s. Still managed by Rollings to this day, it is now operating as an organic farm site.

We made it to Minnesota!

After a long move, we have finally settled down in Minnesota to help with the family farms and raise the kids near family!


Why do we run the website: The Rolling Acres Farm?

Our vision for this website is that it will be the main page for our farm and the old family farm as well as the portal for our school.  Here on the farm site, you will be able to keep up with our farm experiments in gardening, livestock care, and other matters as we live in Virginia and then later again in Minnesota. We will also post articles that show how we integrate farm life with school and vice versa.  Eventually, we hope to sell some of our products here as well.

  • How wonderful! We are ‘homesteading’ in the country at the moment, or trying to. We have some square foot gardens in our small back yard, grinding our own wheat and making our own bread (even learning how to harvest wild yeast!), canning whatever I can get my hands on and praying for some land in the country so we can really homestead. Thanks for linking up and I’m so excited to read your blog! God bless!

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