Art and Science at Homeschool Co-op, Last Week!

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Art: We finished our Virginia State Symbols books this week that were suggested by the Catholic Schoolhouse Art Curriculum and wrote our own Brown-Bear-esque story to go along with them. Here it is:

Cardinal, Cardinal, what do you see? I see a Hound Dog looking at me.
Hound Dog, Hound Dog, what do you see? I see a Dogwood looking at me.
Dogwood, Dogwood, what do you see? I see a Swallowtail looking at me.
Swallowtail, Swallowtail, what do you see? I see a child looking at me. 

Science: Magnetism
In science this week we wrapped up with magnetism. Thanks to the wonderful magnetism kit from Home Science Tools, we had much fun! The students were excited to see washers stick to one another, and we experimented how many we could attach with each of our different magnets. We made a make-shift compass using a magnet, floating disk, and a bowl of water, and we looked at how different ends of magnets attract and others repel. This was a great learning experience not only for the children, but for myself as well.

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