Art and Science, Week 16 at Catholic Schoolhouse

Homeschool Ideas

Art: Mary Cassatt and a Value Study

This week in art students began to learn about value, not of things, but of light and dark. They were given a black-line print of The Boating Party by Mary Cassatt and were allowed to choose one color to use for the entire print. Their task was to focus on the direction of light and what things would be dark and what things would be light. They seemed to jump on board!
Science: The Human Body
We spent time exploring lung capacity this week using the CSH Science Curriculum; however, the activity seemed a bit too advanced for those students under 11 years of age. Since we only have a few who are older, it did not go over as well as it might have. The youngest students enjoyed being the “guinea pigs” of the older students, though!
Chocolate Muffins for Breakfast
Review: Heritage History Curriculum

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