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Painting the Kitchen Cabinets White

The Rolling Acres Farm

We have decided to paint our kitchen cabinets white, which we think is proving a nice improvement to our home.

How to?

  1. Remove cabinets and hardware.
  2. Sand cabinets and doors.
  3. Paint white using a natural fiber edging brush. We used a Satin finish, but Semi-Gloss would be a good choice, too!

Tiling the Bathroom Floor

The Rolling Acres Farm
1: Tear up the old floor and prepare mortar to lay cement board.
2: Fill and smooth the gaps between cement boards with mortar.
3: After allowing cement board mortar to cure for 24 hours, you can tile! Prepare new batch of mortar and begin putting down the tile, cutting as you go. We used 1/4 inch spacers here.

Step 4: Wait another 24 hours before grouting! See this post for the finished look.

Digging Up Potatoes

The Rolling Acres Farm

When potato plants have turned yellow and faded away, it is time to dig potatoes here on Blue Mountain. Today was that time, so we finished digging up our last potatoes of the year. All the children helped dig through the loose soil to pull out red, white, and purple potatoes. Yes, we found an onion or two as well. As a reward, the children were then able to play in the dirt and to plant green bean seeds in the place of the potatoes.

DIY Tiling a Wall for a Woodstove

The Rolling Acres Farm
The grooves in the mortar help to ensure an even stick. The spacers hold the tiles the correct distance apart.
For extra fire protection, we chose to add cement board and tile to the wall behind our woodstove. Tiling was easily done by ourselves for this project, since there was minimal cutting involved. Thankfully, we were able to borrow a wet tile saw.

Onions have finished drying!

The Rolling Acres Farm
The onions just after harvest. They dried inside on racks.

We harvested onions this year, and they have just finished drying. This is batch number one. To store, I chopped off the dry stalks and placed the onions in a wooden bowl to be used in the next weeks. These onions are small, but very flavorful!

Making Pesto Again!

The Rolling Acres Farm

Our basil is in full season, and we are enjoying all it has to offer. For directions on pesto, here is our post from last year. This batch of pesto was so beautiful, we had to share a picture.



Kambucha is best in the Summer

The Rolling Acres Farm

With these hot summer days, it is important that we remain hydrated and that we restore our nutrient and mineral stores. Kambucha is a wonderful and natural way to help your body in the summer. You can find out more about Kambucha here! This is our 5 gallon jar that we keep going throughout the year.