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  • Hallo und Gruessen aus West Virginia!
    I found your site about homeschooling in German. We have been homeschooling our 6 year old since birth. I have a BA in German and have spent about 6 years in Rheinland-Pfalz and Heidelberg. My wife speaks Spanish. I started out only speaking to our son in German, but as time went on and our baby came along I did not keep it up. Our little guy has had some life-threatening issues what just simply require all our prayers and energy some days. Anyway, I see your recommendations and appreciate them very much. It appears they only go up to age 5. Do you have any ideas for mid-elementary? Frankly, we still have lots of medical appointments for our little one, so I am trying to find ideas on how to use my time most efficiently to build German lessons. I started German lessons at age 12 using high school textbooks, but trying to explain indirect objects to my 6 year old is a bit tricky at this point 🙂 By starting so early, it was easy to get a 4.0 GPA in college in German, so I applaud what you are doing.

    Thanks again,
    Bill Scharf
    Nitro, WV

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