FREE Art Lesson for Ancient History and Our First Co-op Day!

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This week in art students created their own mini-cave painting. The idea was taken from For details about the artistic principles and skills to reinforce at home this week, please see your ART 1 Handout. Students were instructed to rip the edges of their paper after the paintings dried. For those of you who opted to leave the artwork till next week, all pictures are safely stored away in the Schola Rosa Cabinets until next week. Here are some pictures of their work!



Our first week went quite smoothly. I guess I expected the worst, so was naturally surprised when our only injury was a paper cut. Most children were smiling when I checked on them, and spirits were high for everyone. May God continue to bless our little homeschool cooperative with such good spirits. Here is more information on Schola Rosa Homeschool Cooperative.

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