How to make it to homeschool co-op on time

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Is it possible? Yes. Is it easy? That depends on you. Punctuality requires organization and the assumption that something will go wrong (e.g. the baby will soil his diaper after you lock him in his car seat). For the latter, I recommend:

  • setting your alarm clock at least 30 minutes earlier than you think you should,
  • getting up right after the alarm … It is most helpful if you have a baby who is in the habit of waking up 40 minutes before the alarm sounds.
  • leaving the house at least 10 minutes earlier than you think you should.

Planning Ahead with Organization: Have supplies and activities ready 2-3 days before your homeschool co-op. I make checklists for everything I need to have and do, and slowly peck away at the list starting the day after the previous meeting. 15-20 minutes on prep each day, and you’ll surprise yourself with how easy it is to get things done slowly, but surely. This takes the stress off, too, since you are not trying to complete everything in one day.

The day before:

  1. Gather children’s materials (art portfolios, binders, etc.).
  2. Pack van with supplies from #1 and children’s materials. Double check checklists.
  3. Help children pick out clothes and shoes.
  4. Place clothes and shoes in safe place until the morning (Mama is in charge of them, so no one can claim they lost a shoe, etc.).
  5. Plan your breakfast for the morning (eggs and toast; muffins; or pancakes are quick options).
  6. Pack your lunches and water bottles, so they are ready to grab.

The morning of:

  1. Awake and shower and dress quickly.
  2. Get breakfast started and have table set.
  3. Wake children, send them to the restroom, and dress them one-by-one (unless old enough to dress self).
  4. Send children straight to the table for breakfast for morning offering and meal prayer.
  5. They have a time limit of 20 minutes to finish, or they leave without eating everything.
  6. Brush teeth, grab diaper and lunch bag, and out the door!

The hard part: Making yourself follow through with your plan. Good luck!

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