How We Survive a Co-op Day without Tears

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The first week of a homeschool co-op can be overwhelming and stressful for many mothers, but there are some things you can do to prepare and to avoid the worst. Here are some of our tried and true suggestions:

  1. Gather your supplies this weekendand put them in a safe place to grab Monday morning and to load directly into the vehicle. I like to put my supplies in our trunk on Friday, so I have time to remember all the things I have forgotten between Friday and Monday.
  2. Pick out clothes for EVERYONE the night before the co-op day, put them in a safe place, and inspect all children the following morning well before departure time. (Leave no room for the unexpected missing shoe as everyone is walking out the door!)
  3. Review the Co-op Rules with your children over the weekend.The #1 rule and virtue we will be covering the first week is: DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING BEFORE ASKING FOR PERMISSION. The facility is not our property. We demonstrate patience and charity when we follow this simple rule.
  4. Pack plenty of snacks for the car trip to and from the co-op.If the natives are restless, all is lost!
  5. ARRIVE EARLY! See this postfor tips on arriving on time.
  6. Make sure you have a quick dinner already plannedor already in the crock-pot. There is nothing worse than getting home later than expected and still having to cook!
  7. Plan to relax with the kids when you get home. Some time to reconnect, chat, and rest is great for the entire family after such an eventful afternoon. Time for some snuggles and stories.
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