Lent and Chores with Small Children

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Just as my husband and I strive to perform our chores more thoroughly and cheerfully during Lent, we try to help our children to do the same. To do this, we came up with chores for each of the children and helped each child make his or her own “Book of Chores”. Simple, quick drawings were all that were needed, and they could color their own books. We were not necessarily gunning for permanence.

5-year-old Chores

  • Prayers
  • Cheerful Obedience
  • Make Bed
  • Fill adult water glasses at meal-time
  • Pull big chairs from table after meal-time and sweep
  • Feed cat and dog
  • Pick up toys after play
  • Fold cloth diapers and put away on wash day
  • School time

3-year-old Chores 

  • Prayers
  • Cheerful Obedience
  • Make bed
  • Eat food without complaint
  • Fill child water cups at meal-time
  • Clear table after meal-time
  • Pull small chairs from table after meal-time
  • Bring vacuum cleaner out for Mama
  • Pick up toys after play
  • Put away cloth diaper covers on wash day

2-year-old Chores

  • Prayers
  • Cheerful Obedience
  • Eat food without complaint
  • Throw trash away when found
  • Take small kitchen rug out after meal-time

Evening Check: After dinner, the kids take turns reporting to Papa with their books. He goes over each page with them, asking if they did the chore. They talk about how to do better the next day, and if fall chores were completed, they get a reward.

For some printable Good Behavior Charts, go here.

Review: Heritage History Curriculum
Art, Week 17 at local homeschool co-op
  • I have made little cards for the small children with pictures of their chores on them. There is always a little dwarf doing the chore. Whenever they are done with a chore, they put the card into a special basket. Then I can go and check on those chores.

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