German-English Curriculum

This is the German-English curriculum that has worked for the Rolling Family so far. Please see our blog posts under Homeschool Ideas for details on how to apply the curriculum practically.



First Grade

Second Grade

  • Art:
  • Music: Piano, Violin, and Guitar
  • Math: Modern Curriculum Press Math B
  • Reading: McGuffey’s Eclectic Reader 1
  • Narration: Emma Serl’s Primary Language  Lessons
  • Stories: Schola Rosa Curriculum
  • Nature: Our Gardening and animal care; Schola Rosa Science
  • Religion: Our Holy Faith 2
  • I am impressed. We are a German-Canadian homeschooling family. We left Germany just over 4 years ago and now homeschool in Canada. I am always looking for German books for my kids and we have actually built up quite a library. I never thought to teach my children all of their subjects in German, though. We just read for fun and play games in German. You have inspired me to do more German with them, thanks. My oldest two went to Kindergarten in Germany and the oldest even went to Grade 1. He was so traumatized by his experience there that we avoided German school books.

    Do you ever buy German books from They charge 14EUR shipping on any amount of books you buy. Oma buys us books this way. She lets us order for birthdays and Christmas and we occassionally order on our own. This is how our library has really grown. We use Marco Simsa CD’s or ones narrated by Karl-Heinz Boehm for Music appreciation. They tell stories and have a great selection of music. My kids love these. Some nature stories that my children love a la CM are Kräutermärchen von Folke Tegetthoff and Pflanzenmärchen von Michael Bauer. We also have Joseph und Chico in German. There are some great Catholic books available as well. My daughter loves collecting Catholic books in German. Her favourite is Der Rosenkranz: Das Gebetbuch für Kinder von Reinhard Abeln und Ursula Harper.

    I am going to bookmark your blog and hope to see what else you plan on doing. Maybe I should do a little more German, too. God bless and all the best with the little one due soon.

    • Tina-Maria,
      Thank you for sharing what you have been doing! We do order from I have a dear friend in Austria who often sends the kids books at Christmas as well. The textbooks I list in our curriculum we LOVE! I found these on Amazon and/or through other recommendations. The “Denken und Rechnen” workbooks have been great for my daughter and the illustrations are quite natural and cute. The Tobi reader and workbook has also been fun, much more fun than any reader I recall doing in English. This was recommended by Eva whose blog is Untrodden Paths. You might want to look at her blog for ideas as well.
      Do you have a certain Catholic bookstore that you use in Germany?
      Also, I am still posting German childrens books reviews at The Homeschool Philosopher blog when I get new ones in. This is where I have given my two cents worth about the prayer books we use as well. Eventually, I will be moving such posts to our farm site. I will write down your recommendations to our wishlist!
      Thank you again and God bless your family,

  • I find your website interesting.I am German living in the US since 19 years. My husband is American. So we don’t speak German together. I started to only speak German to my first child when she was born, but when she spoke back English, I stopped that. I’m trying now to teach my children to speak German well. Any suggestions on how to do that effective?My children are 7 and 9 now and they speak some German, but not enough. Thanks

    • It is common for the children to respond in English, especially since they live in an English speaking country. You could require that they respond to you in German, since you are speaking to them in German. This works best. They will continue to speak English with one another most likely. I highly recommend reading Pearson’s “Raising a Bilingual Child” for a clear presentation of the different degrees of home bilingual models. Reading aloud to them in German, speaking to them in German, singing in German, etc. are a great way to bring German back into their ears and they should pick it up quickly again! Good luck!

  • Do you sell all the German products yourself or do we buy it through the shipping to the US will be pretty high?Thanks

    • You would be ordering the German products from, . Their shipping fees are reasonable if you order in quantity. We usually make a big order once per year before Christmas (around 20 items). The shipping comes to about $30. Unfortunately, the dollar is down, too, so you have to calculate that in as well.

    • Schoenhof Foreign Books is an American based company with German children’s books, so you could avoid the high shipping fees if you order from them. This resource I just discovered this year!

  • I tried ordering Kritzeln, Schnipseln, Klecksen, and a bunch of other books on, but it says they don’t ship to my address??? I live in VA, do they not ship to the U.S?? Has anyone else had that problem??

    • I have not had that problem. Sometimes there are shipping bans that are temporary and based on international warnings of this, that, and the other. Sometimes you can just try again another day. Also, make sure you have your address entered correctly (duh, I know, silly). Zipcode=Postleitzahl which will come before the city. Finally, you could try finding the books on They have now begun to carry some German books that ship from US locations. Perhaps, some of the books you wanted to order can be found at .com, so they no longer ship from .de. That is just a guess. Good luck!

  • I just ran across your website today. We have been homeschooling our children for 12 years in South Carolina, and they are all fluent in German and English. Their “mother tongue” is actually German, as they speak it exclusively with their mother and with each other. (We have 8 children, so they have a lot of people to talk to.) is not your best deal for books, though. often has books at very reasonable prices, including actual shipping costs (depends on each dealer). We also order from the Book Depository, which has free shipping from overseas.

    I thought we were the only Catholics homeschooling in German!

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