Science:How do Spiders eat?

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In the home school, often science just happens! This night we were about to go to bed, when I decided to peek outside the back door. My daughter exclaimed: “Mama, spider!” I looked up and most assuredly there was a spider. Not just a spider! A spider eating its dinner.

I called the other children and Mr. Rolling into the room, so we could experiment. Mr. Rolling explained how spiders digest the inside of the bug before consuming the bug. Then, we searched the house for any live bugs we could find to throw into the net to see how the spider catches its prey.

As we were doing this, we were surprised to see a moth fly into the web. The spider very quickly pounced on the moth and wrapped it in silk. After this excitement, the children went to bed with great hopes of seeing the spider the next morning.

Alas, a bird must have eaten the spider in the early morning. That’s the food chain!

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