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Toddler Activity for Advent

Homeschool Ideas
Our First Jesse Tree Meditation: God Created

To help my 3-year-old participate in Advent while his sister was busy with the Jesse Tree Ornaments, I helped him cut out pictures from an old “Baby’s First Bible” book that had fallen apart. He then glued the images to black construction paper. He is very proud of his Old Testament cards, and he is allowed to hold them and study them during the Jesse Tree readings in the evenings, which have now started. We are then able to summarize and discuss the stories within the pictures that were read aloud earlier this year. This has been a little blessing for us!

Preparing For Advent Before It Begins

Homeschool Ideas

Advent is one of our favorite liturgical seasons and our preparations have begun! This week we must make the advent wreath before Sunday, so we have bought candles from the Church, gathered greenery from the yard, and collected some odds and ends, such as pine combs. We have a candle ring which we use each year for the wreath and candles.

The liturgy of our home will center around this wreath during the time of Advent. Each night we light the appropriate candle, read that day’s Jesse Tree passage from the Bible (the little ones hang the Jesse tree ornament), and sing Veni, veni, Emanuel. Then, one of the children blows out the candles. They get to take turns doing this important job throughout the week. I can hardly wait to begin this tradition again!