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Art and Science at Homeschool Co-op, Last Week!

Homeschool Ideas

Art: We finished our Virginia State Symbols books this week that were suggested by the Catholic Schoolhouse Art Curriculum and wrote our own Brown-Bear-esque story to go along with them. Here it is:

Cardinal, Cardinal, what do you see? I see a Hound Dog looking at me.
Hound Dog, Hound Dog, what do you see? I see a Dogwood looking at me.
Dogwood, Dogwood, what do you see? I see a Swallowtail looking at me.
Swallowtail, Swallowtail, what do you see? I see a child looking at me. 

Science: Magnetism
In science this week we wrapped up with magnetism. Thanks to the wonderful magnetism kit from Home Science Tools, we had much fun! The students were excited to see washers stick to one another, and we experimented how many we could attach with each of our different magnets. We made a make-shift compass using a magnet, floating disk, and a bowl of water, and we looked at how different ends of magnets attract and others repel. This was a great learning experience not only for the children, but for myself as well.

5-year-old advances in art and story-telling

Homeschool Ideas
Watercolor Painting by #1, Age 5

#1 is making great progress in art and story-telling, much to my surprise. I would estimate that the kids spend at least one hour per day (some days 2+) at the kitchen table or at the outside, garden table drawing pictures and narrating.

It is so much fun to watch #1 and #2 tell one another stories and paint or draw their stories as they talk. Each one has a very different story to tell, and they are eager to share ideas and even drawing tips.

A Birthday Party by #1, Age 5

To formalize the spontaneous exercise, it has been a good reinforcement to have them retell their accounts to Mama and Papa.

Interesting to note is that their characters are developing new depth as their artistic skills improve. The question would be which came first, character depth or drawing ability? It would seem that the two skills have improved simultaneously as they have been working so diligently on both.

3-year-old Art Accomplishments: Figure Drawing

Homeschool Ideas

Admittedly, #2 always surprises me, and I cannot decide if it is because he has an older sister to learn from or if it is his very own genius. Unlike his sister, who is interested in landscape and floral arrangements, he is deeply interested in drawing men.  Here is a picture from one month ago:

Men with hats in a truck.

Since the above picture, my son has asked us time and time again to draw knights and pirates. Was he being lazy? Did he not want to draw his own? No… He was watching our every movement and learning how to draw! Here is a picture he drew early this week:

Men with swords and boots.

Here is a picture he drew at the end of the week:

One week after the above painting!

Art, week 19 at Homeschool Co-op

Homeschool Ideas

Students have begun to study form this week. They worked on a still-life after being instructed to look for the shapes within the still-life. They were also encouraged to apply their past lessons. I had them connect their forefingers and thumbs to create “a frame” through which to look at the still-life and to come up with a good composition. In other words, do not put everything in the middle. They enjoyed their new “lens”.

Art, week 18 at Homeschool Co-op

Homeschool Ideas

This week students took what they learned last week about pointillism and applied it to water colors, trying to create an impressionism-era-inspired work of art. I especially liked the painting below by one of our 8 year-old boys. In case you cannot tell, it is a bridge with a sunset behind.The students used Q-tips and water colors.

As with all art classes, there were some more excited about the activity than others, but for the most part the students worked diligently and finished before our 30 minutes came to an end.
Now that my youngest is approaching 7 months old, I finally feel like preparation for our co-op is getting easier! He will be one year old before I know it!

Art, Week 17 at local homeschool co-op

Homeschool Ideas

This week students learned how to draw 3-D objects and how to use various shading techniques. For the younger children, I had pre-drawn cubes an
d circles for them to shade. The students caught on very quickly, and even the less-motivated among them completed their cubes and circles before class was finished.

The main point they took away with them was that light shines in a direction, so the side closest to light will be brightest and the side farthest away from the light will be darkest. They were sent home to look for shadows and to draw objects this week using their new techniques.

Art and Science, Week 16 at Catholic Schoolhouse

Homeschool Ideas

Art: Mary Cassatt and a Value Study

This week in art students began to learn about value, not of things, but of light and dark. They were given a black-line print of The Boating Party by Mary Cassatt and were allowed to choose one color to use for the entire print. Their task was to focus on the direction of light and what things would be dark and what things would be light. They seemed to jump on board!
Science: The Human Body
We spent time exploring lung capacity this week using the CSH Science Curriculum; however, the activity seemed a bit too advanced for those students under 11 years of age. Since we only have a few who are older, it did not go over as well as it might have. The youngest students enjoyed being the “guinea pigs” of the older students, though!

Handmade Christmas Ornament: Preschool and Kindergarten

Homeschool Ideas

As already mentioned, we are in full preparation mode for Christmas! We do not decorate in our house until Christmas Eve, so we have spent this week making Christmas ornaments and decorations as well as preparing those little things like fresh pumpkin puree for the Christmas cake.

The kids made some very simple Christmas ornaments, story ornaments. #1 tried to draw the nativity with stars and snowflakes. The frame is made from craft sticks (Popsicle sticks!), and her two drawings were made on squares that were hot-glued to the sticks, one on each side. After this was finished, she was allowed to pick out some trimmings, which were then hot-glued as well. Her brothers made very abstract representations of the nativity as well, and they are all quite proud of their work and excited to hang them tomorrow on our tree!

How to make a paper-bag puppet

Homeschool Ideas

This week we have been focusing on crafts, making Christmas cards, Christmas tree ornaments, and some things just for a little laugh. Over the weekend, the kids enjoyed making paper-bag puppets. This is a very simple project and can be done for pennies!

Next time you go to the grocery store, request a small paper bag or two for your smaller items. These can then be used. Otherwise, the Dollar Tree sells a pack of 5 for $1.

Use crayons or paint to draw animals on your bags. Be creative and have fun!

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