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Pigs A to Z

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My preschooler is learning his alphabet, and as I expressed in an earlier post, he is quite the different learner from my daughter. When it came time to pick out an alphabet book from the library, I knew it had to be interesting to him in a real way.

His favorite past-time is playing outdoors, and he loves to build forts and treehouses. Imagine my delight when I came across a children’s alphabet book about pigs building a treehouse, taking the child step-by-step through the alphabet and how to build a giant treehouse! Pigs from a to Z by Arthur Geisert is a wonderfully illustrated book that truly inspires the imagination of children, but boys especially I think.

Many of the sketches contain letters within to be found by the child, or perhaps some of the pigs have gone missing and need to be found. This book is sure to provide hours of searching for your little one!

The Marvelous Mouse Man

Children's Books ReviewedHomeschool Ideas

It seems to get harder and harder to find good, wholesome children’s books at the library and even harder to find poetry that still rhymes. At our last trip to the library, I was intrigued by the cover of this book, The Marvelous Mouse Man. I wondered if this might be a book about the orient or perhaps science, but soon discovered that it involved a tale in poetic verse. What a pleasure!

A town is quickly over-run by mice, and its people are desparately seeking help. A tall, interesting man appears and offers to help. Leading the mice away with his magic, however, soon the cats, dogs, and children follow! A dilemma to be sure. Thanks to the idea of one little girl, a solution is reached, and the townspeople and mice live happily ever after.

What is striking about the story is the rythm and rhyme. The poetic meter sets a fast pace at the climax and a slower pace as the story comes to an end. The vocabulary is broad and not simplified, allowing the opportunity for even your older children to learn new words. A great book!