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Science, week 19, electricity at our homeschool co-op

Homeschool Ideas

Students were given a set of electrical supplies and instructed to connect everything in such a way to light their light bulbs. There was an assortment of resistors, so some students had success lighting their bulbs, some did not. One resistor was much too weak and smoked to the class’s great excitement.

My favorite comment after the smoke was: “Mrs. Rolling, I’m afraid. Can we stop doing this now? I don’t need to light my light bulb.”
Supplies were bought from Home Science Tools.

Art, week 19 at Homeschool Co-op

Homeschool Ideas

Students have begun to study form this week. They worked on a still-life after being instructed to look for the shapes within the still-life. They were also encouraged to apply their past lessons. I had them connect their forefingers and thumbs to create “a frame” through which to look at the still-life and to come up with a good composition. In other words, do not put everything in the middle. They enjoyed their new “lens”.

Art, week 18 at Homeschool Co-op

Homeschool Ideas

This week students took what they learned last week about pointillism and applied it to water colors, trying to create an impressionism-era-inspired work of art. I especially liked the painting below by one of our 8 year-old boys. In case you cannot tell, it is a bridge with a sunset behind.The students used Q-tips and water colors.

As with all art classes, there were some more excited about the activity than others, but for the most part the students worked diligently and finished before our 30 minutes came to an end.
Now that my youngest is approaching 7 months old, I finally feel like preparation for our co-op is getting easier! He will be one year old before I know it!