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Keeping a Nature Journal and a Nature Backpack

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With the beautiful weather before us, we are planning to spend most hours of the day outdoors. This does not mean we give up school time…no, no, no. This means we enjoy natural science! Our children love to be outside, and they love to draw, so keeping a nature journal come naturally. If you are new to this idea or just want some helpful tips with beautiful illustrations, you may enjoy this book: Keeping a Nature Journal. (Just take the references to man’s evolutionary need for nature with a grain of salt.)

For additional ideas for what to have in your child’s nature backpack for those long nature walks, you might consider looking at Home Science Tools.

They have pre-assembled nature backpacks for purchase, or you can put one together yourself with items you have around the house. We used some backpacks we had lying around the house, and I bought some sketch journals for the kids to get started on right away. I would recommend buying the flower press, however. Since we take great care not to ruin our books at home, we have found this to be a good purchase at a reasonable price.