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Art week 11 at Catholic Schoolhouse

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Art: Quilting. Several students returned this week with finished nine-patch blocks! They worked on reinforcing their seams to get rid of any holes while the rest of the class continued to work on their blocks. I have been most impressed by two of our younger students in the class (ages 4 1/2 and 5 1/2). They had almost finished their block before we left today, and they were sewing very nicely. Hopefully, this is encouragement for some of our older students.

What is the benefit in sewing a nine-patch block? Firstly, the students have been so excited about this project because they realize this is not just an activity to keep them busy, but they are making a real thing, a blanket to be used by some child somewhere. They look at the seams in their clothes and realize they, too, can make clothes, socks, dresses for dolls, even priestly vestments! They are learning a real job. This means a great deal to young children (to learn to do adult things and to learn to build useful things), and this gift of the child should never be devalued, lest they stop wishing to become adults. To help them understand more fully the nature of their job, I recommend reminding your children that needles are tools and as such should be treated with special care. They would never play with Dad’s chainsaw! The same rule applies to very small tools.

Secondly, the hand-eye coordination that is needed to sew helps the child with the virtues of patience and fortitude. This is a difficult task especially for our youngest students, and they must sit quietly and focus on their task if they wish to do well.

Finally, for those of you who prefer the mundane argument over one of idealism, sewing will also improve the fine motor skills needed for writing.

Completed 9-Patch Blocks are due next week.

A Quilting Kit: Could be a fun gift idea for nieces…and nephews!

Homeschool Ideas

What is in our quilting kits at Catholic Schoolhouse?

  • 9 pre-cut fabric squares
  • large eye-hole hand needle
  • fabric holder for needle
  • 1 spool of thread (25 yards)
  • instructions

All materials were bought locally. The needles came in packs of 12 with a variety of sizes. The largest needles were given to the youngest boys and girls. For thread, I bought two “sewing traveling kits”, each containing 12 spools of thread. This was the cheapest option. The patches were made from scratch fabric that I had lying around. The student’s name was taped to a plastic zip-lock bag for keeping materials separate at home as well as in Catholic Schoolhouse.

All together for 24 students the cost came to $6!

Art and Science, week 10 at Catholic Schoolhouse

Homeschool Ideas
Daughter, age 4 sewing her first patches

Art: Quilting Like the Pioneers. The next three weeks in art class, we will be working on a 9 Patch Block quilt. Each child received a quilting kit with instructions, and they were introduced today to sewing basics and to quilting. We discussed how the pioneers made their quilts from left over fabric and from old clothes. The children are sewing the quilt by hand just like the pioneers! This activity was a huge hit. All of the children worked very diligently and were excited to finish their blocks at home. Although I have set aside 3 weeks for quilting, I have a hunch most children will finish within two weeks! Here are some links to help you, parents, as you help your children:

Science: Making Rain. This week we learned about the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation. We used a large glass jar filled partly with hot water and a large glass bowl filled with ice to create “rain”. We also put food coloring in the water to see if the condensed water would contain color. The rest of the time we talked about different ways of filtering water, so we can drink it. A great day!